Keith Gallagher

Vice President of Media Relations & Marketing

Joining the firm in 2016, Keith Gallagher has been instrumental in the organization with regards to his marketing genius and structural precision. He has been responsible for the overall redesign of the website, it’s perfect record of 100% uptime, and overhaul of the Customer Experience for Worthy Cake’s Customers. Prior to joining the firm, Keith was a Systems Analyst for a Major HR Outsourcing Global Firm called AonHewitt and was the Chief Information Officer for Virtual Impact Productions. His expertise and overall sights for the growth and expansion of Worthy Cakes has brought great energy and vibrant visions for the road ahead.

Keith’s personal mantra that he developed and lives by is J.U.I.C.E. which stands for Just Understand I Control Everything. He believes that if you Control Your Mind, you Control Your World and you are your best chance at success. Feel free to contact him directly via the form below with any media questions and inquiries.